NJ Court Rules Against Fathers

It seems the Father’s role is devalued from conception. NJ courts ruled in favor of a mothers privacy in the delivery room. In this particular case, the couple was together and engaged. They broke up while they were expecting and the communication was minimal between the two. The father asked to be informed of when the baby was being delivered because he wants to be involved every step of the way. Mom argues with him and gets stressed out so it appears that, for the sake of a healthy delivery, the father should be left out. She grants him visits, following the hospital guidelines for “all visitors”. REALLY?? So.. You’re angry cause of whatever happened in the relationship, and you get to decide if he should be given the courtesy of being an involved father?? Should women have that right? Are fathers only valued when child support comes into play? What do you think?

I know that the mother and baby are considered “one” before delivery, but should the father be barred from the birth of his child because the couple can’t put their differences aside? What will ever change a woman’s mindset, to put her personal feelings aside, so that the child’s needs come first??

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