What’s your price??

Now, how many women have a children with a man that wouldn’t mind keeping his kid some days but just can’t afford to do much because he’s going through financial difficulties? Do you let him come around and spend time with his kids, or do you hold him hostage to his situation and tell him he can’t see his kids if he’s not paying for them? If he’s still interested in being involved, and wanting to co-parent, should his wallet dictate how much involvement he’s entitled to?? Should you take away his last because child support is enforceable by law, and it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t have enough left to live, because that’s not your problem? Does that extra few dollars you get when you go for your annual increase, make up for the visits he can’t make because now, he has to work two or three jobs (more than likely cash paying so you can’t get that too) so he can live and pay you? Because the truth is, our court systems aren’t in the business of building families. They don’t care to manage your situation, or keeping the child’s best interest in mind. If you don’t care about time spent, the judicial system couldn’t care less. That’s why visitation is not enforceable but child support is.

Who are you short changing when he can’t do the simple things kids like to do because he can’t afford anything?

So many of us get caught up on the wrong thing. Listen, kids are expensive, and parents should take care of their kids, to the best of their ability. No man should walk around here not giving a shit if his kids ate, or have what they need. But, we need to keep it real. There are those sorry ass men, and then there are the men who want to be fathers, but they’re running into roadblocks, in the form of an angry, bitter ex. The one who believes “it’s cheaper to keep her” so you gonna have to pay up! To those women, I say…get over yourself!! Stop putting a price tag on the relationship between your kid and their father. Put your kid first and know that they’d rather do without all the “stuff” you think they “need” in exchange for quality time with their daddy. If he’s a good dad, and he’s fallen on hard times, man up for a little bit, while he continues to be the man your kid needs in his/her life!


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