Get the word “Baby Daddy” out of your vocabulary!

Ladies…Please stop calling your child’s father “baby daddy”.  It exudes ignorance.  It devalues his role and doesn’t make you sound all that good either.  Now, I said this in my previous scribe, and I will be sure to say it a few more times; I am not talking about the man who does nothing for his kids. The one who comes around once in a blue, with an empty pocket and a mouth full of excuses.  I am talking about the man who loves his babies.  The one who sacrifices himself to be present for his children.  The man who society is so impressed by, because he is doing what he SHOULD be doing, which is what most mothers have been doing for ever. LOL  Seriously though, you get the point. 

I am not sure about you, but during my upbringing, I was taught to devalue a father’s importance. Maybe it was because being a single mother was so common, that women just accepted their dual role, and started believing that they didn’t need a man to help raise their kids.  I heard sayings like “Momma’s baby, daddy’s maybe”, and “Mother is only one, but a father can be anyone”.  Do these sayings sound familiar?  These sayings perpetuate the feeling that having a father around is a privilege, and not a child’s God given right!  When you don’t see the importance of a father’s role, and you subscribe to the idea that “I could do it all by myself”, you don’t put the work in, that’s necessary, to have a healthy, respectful relationship with that other parent.  When we start understanding and accepting that we can’t teach our boys to be men, and that our daughters need their mothers to teach them what it means to be a woman, but they need their daddy’s love and acceptance so that they don’t go through life looking for that love in all the wrong places, we might start putting our personal feelings aside, and respecting men enough to start calling them fathers, and not ‘my baby daddy”.



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